Mylie Cubic Zirconia Twist Hoop Earrings

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Get ready to twist up your style game with the Mylie twist hoop earrings - they're hoops, but with a twist! 

These earrings are taking the classic hoop and giving it a fun, dynamic makeover. Who says hoops have to be basic? Let's add some twisty excitement to the mix! 

Picture this: a mesmerizing twisty design that catches the light in all the right ways, creating a dazzling dance of shine and texture. And in luscious yellow gold, these hoops bring the sunshine wherever you go! 

But wait, there's more! We've sprinkled in some delicate cubic zirconia stones for that extra sparkle - because who doesn't love a little diamond-like dazzle? 

These earrings are the perfect size for any occasion - whether you're rocking them for your daily hustle or turning heads at a party, they've got you covered. They're noticeable without stealing the show, making them a hit for all kinds of style vibes! 

The Mylie twist hoop earrings aren't just accessories - they're a marriage of timeless elegance and modern flair. With their classic hoop roots and fresh twist, these earrings are guaranteed to become your new go-to for adding a touch of glam to any outfit. Trust us, your jewellery box will thank you! 


What are the Mylie twist hoop earrings made from? These earrings feature high-quality yellow gold and are embellished with cubic zirconia for a subtle shimmer.

How do I care for my twist hoop earrings? To maintain their condition, avoid exposure to water and harsh substances, store them in a dry environment, and use a soft cloth for cleaning.

Can I pair these earrings with other pieces of jewellery? Indeed! The elegant design and cubic zirconia detailing make them a splendid complement to a variety of necklaces and bracelets.

What sets the Mylie twist hoop earrings apart? Their unique twisted structure, combined with the luxurious yellow gold finish and cubic zirconia sparkle, renders these earrings a distinct and sophisticated choice for any jewellery collection.


Diameter 2.5cm, Width 0.4cm


White Gold / 18ct Gold Plated Brass

Care Guide

Our collection of 18ct yellow and white gold plated jewellery is designed to last for years with the proper care. Store your jewellery pieces individually, ideally in your Maudella jewellery box, so they do not rub, scratch, tarnish or get tangled together. Keep your jewellery pieces away from water, creams and perfumes, clean them regularly with a soft cloth and handle them with care to ensure longevity.

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