The reality is, making new products has an effect on our environment. We genuinely care about every decision in the production process, and we have made careful choices to ensure we minimise our impact on the planet at every step.

We have spent a huge amount of time and investment developing our packaging, making sure all our boxes are all made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper (aside from a tiny piece of ribbon, which we are working on making from special FSC paper too). Typically, jewellery brands use velvet or plastic inserts to hold their pieces in place inside the box, which we have worked hard to avoid. All the inserts in our jewellery boxes are made from paper wrapped card, making our packaging (almost) fully recyclable. 

Because we sell our products to retailers who require a certain type of hook for displaying our earrings in store, we have had to use a very small strip of plastic for our earring cards. Each card has recycling instructions on the back, asking the customer to remove the plastic strip before recycling the card.

Finally, we can’t ignore the fact that we are manufacturing products in factories and distributing them across the world. When we fulfil our retail orders, we are required to pack our jewellery into bags before packaging them into cartons to protect them in transit. We pay extra to use GRS (Global Recycled Standard) bags for this to minimise the production of virgin plastics. Our web order mailer boxes are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable, our cards are made from 100% recycled uncoated paper and the cards and stickers are printed with soy-based ink on FSC certified paper and are fully compostable and recyclable.

There is still lots more we can and will do to keep iterating until we are as environmentally friendly as possible across all aspects of the business. To take further steps to making an impactful change towards a climate positive world, we have partnered with Ecologi, a trusted Certified B-Corporation, to plant a tree for every web transaction, so when you place your Maudella order, you are also planting a tree.


I'm Jodie, and I am the founder of Maudella.

I've been blessed with a passion for jewellery design, a talent I proudly share with my mother. Unlike the typical childhood parties, mine were filled with creative endeavours: from stained glass window painting to sewing, enamelling, pottery, and, most fondly, jewellery making. Our home was a treasure chest of art supplies, a testament to our shared love for the craft.

My academic journey didn't quite follow a traditional path, and upon leaving school, I embarked on a gap year. This adventure turned into a treasure hunt, as I gathered exquisite beads and stones from across the globe. Upon returning, I transformed these finds into unique jewellery pieces, selling them at renowned markets like Portobello and Spitalfields. This experience was a stepping stone, leading me to work with a friend's jewellery brand, where I deepened my understanding of materials and gemstones.

Fast forward to the present, and after gaining invaluable experience with various brands, I've realised my dream by launching Maudella. The brand is a tribute to two extraordinary women in my life – Maude and Ella. Their beauty, inside and out, and the joy they bring to my life are the inspirations behind Maudella. Naming my brand after them is my way of honouring their influence, creating jewellery that resonates with happiness and beauty, just like them.