Birdy Half Hoop Bubble Stud Earrings

£35.00 GBP

Our Birdy half hoop stud earrings are a totally chic addition to any wardrobe. These earrings are pure sophistication, blending the classic appeal of hoop earrings with a modern, ridged design. They offer a contemporary touch to any outfit, plated in sleek white gold.

The Birdy earrings boast a distinctive bubble style half hoop, finished with a butterfly backing to hold them snugly in place. The unique design sets them apart, making them the perfect earrings for those who appreciate a blend of bold and classic styles. 

These earrings are versatile and unique, making them the easy to wear —whether you are dressing up for an event or heading to the office. Ideal for the fashion-forward, these earrings are an indispensable addition to your jewellery box


What is the design inspiration behind the Birdy half hoop stud earrings? The Birdy earrings are inspired by the classic hoop earring, reimagined with a modern, thicker hoop design to create a unique and stylish accessory.

How do I ensure the longevity of my gold-plated earrings? To preserve the beauty of your Birdy earrings, it's recommended to avoid exposure to water and chemicals. Store them in their cotton pouch and clean them gently with a soft cloth.

Can the Birdy earrings be paired with other accessories? Yes, their versatile design makes them so easy to mix and match with your earring stack or other pieces from our collection for a cohesive and elegant look.

Are the Birdy half hoop stud earrings comfortable for extended wear? Designed with both style and comfort in mind, these earrings are perfect for all-day wear.


Diameter 1.7cm


White Gold / 18ct Gold Plated Brass

Care Guide

Our collection of 18ct yellow and white gold plated jewellery is designed to last for years with the proper care. Store your jewellery pieces individually, ideally in your Maudella jewellery box, so they do not rub, scratch, tarnish or get tangled together. Keep your jewellery pieces away from water, creams and perfumes, clean them regularly with a soft cloth and handle them with care to ensure longevity.

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