Maeve Warrior Coin Pearl Earrings

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Prepare to conquer the fashion battlefield with the fearless Maeve warrior coin pearl earrings - where history meets haute couture in a playful clash of elegance and valor! 

Each lustrous freshwater pearl is hand-selected for its radiant glow, then paired with a meticulously crafted coin that pays homage to the legendary emblems of warriors of yore. 

But hold onto your helmets - these aren't your average coins! Plated in your choice of 18ct gold or white gold, they shimmer with a modern brilliance that's fit for a contemporary warrior princess. 

But wait, there's more! These earrings aren't just accessories - they're symbols of strength, poise, and a dash of quirky charm. 

Perfect for time travellers and trendsetters alike, the Maeve earrings infuse any ensemble with a hint of antique sophistication, whether you're storming the castle or just slaying at brunch. 

From epic quests to everyday quests, these earrings command attention and inspire conversations with their unique blend of boldness and finesse. More than mere baubles, they're a tribute to history, elegance, and the warrior spirit that lies within us all. 


What kind of pearls are featured in the Maeve earrings? These earrings showcase handpicked freshwater pearls, renowned for their lustrous beauty and timeless appeal.

Are the Maeve earrings suitable for formal settings? Certainly! Their distinctive design makes them ideal for formal occasions, lending a touch of elegance and historical intrigue.

How should I care for my warrior coin pearl earrings? Preserve their allure by avoiding water and harsh chemicals, storing them in a dry location, and gently polishing with a soft cloth.

Can I pair these earrings with other pearl jewellery? Yes, their classic pearl feature allows for seamless pairing with other pearl necklaces or bracelets.

What distinguishes these earrings? The Maeve earrings uniquely blend freshwater pearls with ancient warrior-inspired coins, plated in gold or white gold, creating a fusion of history, elegance, and luxurious style.


Full Drop 3.2cm, Pearl Approx. 1cm


White Gold / 18ct Gold Plated Brass, Freshwater Pearls

Care Guide

Our collection of 18ct yellow and white gold plated jewellery is designed to last for years with the proper care. Store your jewellery pieces individually, ideally in your Maudella jewellery box, so they do not rub, scratch, tarnish or get tangled together. Keep your jewellery pieces away from water, creams and perfumes, clean them regularly with a soft cloth and handle them with care to ensure longevity.

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