Leesa Blue Agate Ocean Charm Bracelet

£40.00 GBP

Dive into serenity with our Ocean Breeze Bracelet – it's like a mini vacation for your wrist!

Picture this: soothing sea blue agate beads that are as calming as a gentle ocean breeze, bringing harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.  But wait, there's more! At the heart of this bracelet lies a delicately crafted ocean coin charm, available in your choice of pristine white gold or a warm 18ct gold plating – it's like wearing a little piece of paradise wherever you go! 

The charm's intricate design, combined with the natural hues of the agate, creates a mesmerising look that captures the essence of the ocean – it's like having a tiny piece of the beach right on your wrist! And the best part? This bracelet is perfect for stacking and layering, so you can mix and match it with our Noya and Hilla agate bracelets to create your own personalised collection of serene elegance – it's like building your own island oasis, one bracelet at a time! 

So why not add a splash of tranquility and a dash of playful charm to your jewelry collection with our Ocean Breeze Bracelet? Whether you're lounging by the pool or strolling along the shore, this bracelet is sure to transport you to your happy place – no sunscreen required! 


What are the calming effects of agate stones? Agate stones are known for their therapeutic properties, helping to harmonise and rebalance the mind, body, and spirit.

Is the Leesa bracelet adjustable? Yes, the bracelet is crafted to comfortably fit various wrist sizes.

Can I combine the Leesa bracelet with other pieces of jewellery? Indeed, the Leesa bracelet is ideally suited for stacking with other agate bracelets like Noya and Hilla, offering a versatile and individualised look.

How do I maintain my Leesa agate ocean charm bracelet? To preserve its beauty, avoid exposure to water and harsh chemicals. Store it in a dry place and clean it with a soft cloth to keep its lustre.


One Size - Elasticated, Charm 1cm


White Gold / 18ct Gold Plated Brass, Agate

Care Guide

Our collection of 18ct yellow and white gold plated jewellery is designed to last for years with the proper care. Store your jewellery pieces individually, ideally in your Maudella jewellery box, so they do not rub, scratch, tarnish or get tangled together. Keep your jewellery pieces away from water, creams and perfumes, clean them regularly with a soft cloth and handle them with care to ensure longevity.

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