Kali Palm Tree Stud Earrings

$46.00 USD

Introducing the Kali tropical palm tree stud earrings, your passport to a world of sunlit beaches and summer vibes. These earrings are a tribute to idyllic summer adventures, ideal for anyone wishing to add a touch of island charm to their style.

Available in both 18ct gold and white gold plating, these studs offer two stunning choices to align with your individual taste. The palm tree motif, adorned with a blend of green and clear cubic zirconia, mirrors the lively hues and sparkling sunlight of a tropical haven. The glistening stones are arranged to mimic the lively movement of palm leaves in a gentle breeze.

The Kali Palm Tree Studs represent more than just earrings; they symbolise happiness and a free-spirited nature. Their delightful design makes them a fitting choice for sunny days or as a reminder of balmy climates during the cooler seasons, adding a whimsical yet refined touch to any outfit.

Pair these earrings with our Lola Pineapple Studs for a complete tropical ensemble, instantly transporting you to the serenity of an island getaway. The Kali Tropical Palm Tree Stud Earrings are not merely accessories; they are a homage to summer joy and cherished moments.


  • How do I maintain the sparkle of my palm tree stud earrings? Avoid water exposure and store them carefully. Use a soft cloth for cleaning to keep them shining.
  • Are these earrings suitable for daily wear? Yes, their playful yet chic design makes them a fitting choice for various occasions, from casual to more formal.
  • What is the inspiration behind the Kali Earrings? They draw inspiration from the allure and vividness of tropical palm trees, conjuring a sense of relaxation and summertime delight.
  • Can I match these earrings with other tropical-themed jewellery? Certainly, they complement other tropical pieces like the Lola Pineapple Studs for a complete island-inspired look.

Height 1.2cm


White Gold / 18ct Gold Plated Brass, Cubic Zirconias

Care Guide

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