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Introducing Our Latest Maudella Muse

Capture the Essence of Individuality and Style with our Dazzling Collection

Meet our latest style icon, gracing the urban landscape in Maudella's signature pieces. She's not just wearing jewellery; she's embodying an attitude. A blend of boldness and elegance, she makes every street her runway.

Featured Pieces:

  1. Juniper Textured Hoop Earrings - These hoops are not just accessories; they're a statement. Their unique texture catches the light, and eyes, with every turn of her head.
  2. Leo Star, Triangle, Square, Marquise Ring - A constellation on her fingers, this ring captures the spirit of the night sky. Each shape tells a story, a tribute to the stars under which we all shine.
  3. Paige Star & Moon Ring - Completing her celestial ensemble, this ring mirrors the dance of the stars and moon. A symbol of the eternal interplay between light and dark.

Style Tip: Our muse pairs these standout pieces with a chic, monochrome outfit, letting the jewellery take center stage. Each piece harmonizes with the next, creating a look that's both cohesive and enchanting.

✨ Why Maudella? We're not just about adornments; we're about self-expression. Our pieces are handcrafted with sustainability in mind, ensuring you shine responsibly.